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It's All Good Red Rocks!

It's All Good Red Rocks


September 4th, 2015
Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Golden, CO
Artists featured:
 The Floozies / Manic Focus
 Sunsquabi / Muzzy Bearr


        Nothing good in this life is a fluke. Nothing just happens. Things may seem lucky, or random, but in actuality it's something that's been in the works for a while, getting closer and closer, until one day it's everyone's time to shine. This is how I felt about this show. When you're in between those massive rocks, and you're doing what you love, looking through that lens and capturing something you never thought would be in front of you, it's like God is with you. You feel so small, but you're a part of something that is so massive. This show had my mind racing through the memories I had of these people, and how much we've all progressed individually throughout the years .  It was unique because EVERYONE was on such an elevated level. Not only was this show a huge milestone for the artists and All Good, but on a personal level, it was the most complex project I've had thus far as a photographer. Filming the road trip out to Colorado was a blast, and then the feeling of getting there and having free reign to capture anything I wanted . . . I've never worked so hard at something in my life. This night was a huge inspiration to me as an artist. It made me realize that there's no limit to how high I can go. That it's all in my hands, and that there's no limit on who I can be.